worldwide cover for your musical instrument 

no hidden clauses

monthly payment

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Worldwide cover for your musical instrument 

The musical instrument insurance of Segurio covers worldwide and can be activated online. Calculate your premium and try it now!

It is possible to insure all instruments including DJ equipments. 

The insurance does offer worldwide cover for your instrument. 

Your musical instrument insurance at Segurio is active within the minute. Immediately you can travel internationally, play concerts and transport the instrument. 

Your instrument insurance can be extended - while keeping the same conditions - to any other musical instrument insurance. In the section "Add object" you can easily activate further covers. 

Please remember to insure all instruments and objects as separate objects in your policy. This will help in case of a claim, because each item has an agreed value and can be selected individually. 

The insurance offers:  

  • All Rik Insurance for your single instrument or collections 
  • worldwide cover at performance and during transports, orchestra travels and holidays
  • instrument insured at an agreed value
  • monthly payment and cancellation of your musical instruments insurance
  • no hidden clauses
  • short and easy insurance conditions
  • quick service and claims handling 

Segurio is already working with international music clients, such as orchestras, philharmonics, experts, professional musicians, violin makers, bands, musical groups and students. 

With Segurio you can manage your musical instrument insurance yourself.

If there are any questions we are happy to help!

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