We have been proud sponsors of London Art Week for a couple of years now and are excited to participate in this year's new digital journey.

We look forward to the many virtual events during LAW Digital and hope to 'see' you there.
Did you find something on one of the digital gallery spaces? Calculate your insurance premium here

Gallery and Art Dealer

Solution orientated ideas instead of rulebook obstacles

  • Blue Chip
    As reliable insurance partners we service established galleries which are internationally famed and operating from various worldwide locations. We minimize the amount of administration required and digitally archive all of your insurance documentation.
    Our products and methodology are pioneering our field of business.
    Please contact us to arrange a meeting and discuss your requirements.
  • Mid Size
    With our partnership, insurance becomes a simple and integrated part of your gallery.
    Due to our digital offers, administrative costs in the gallery decline.
    Our team of experts and art historians is looking forward to your call!
  • Non Profit
    We offer a comprehensive insurance solution for non-profit organisations such as Kunstvereins, Artist Ateliers, Artist Run Spaces etc.
    Our products include various modules which can be combined freely.
With all our insurance policies there is no retention time and they can be cancelled anytime.
    Also, all our contracts can be easily paid for via credit card or Sepa direct debit.
  • Dealer and Active Collector
    It is our goal to minimize all insurance related tasks within the dealership sector. Therefore our all-risk product covers all transactions within the field of business.
    We also offer insurance solutions for „Active Collectors“. Per our definition an active collector is a collector who offen buys and sells works from their collection.
    Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

High Value Private Property

Everything that is not explicitly ruled out is insured. 

  • Classic Cars and Prototypes
    We insure single classic vehicles and collections. We offer a tailor made classic car insurance package.
  • Jewelry and Watches
    We insure single watches, jewels and jewelry as well providing comprehensive worldwide cover.
    With our leading product it is our aim to offer you the best possible worldwide protection. 

    For single valuable pieces we offer an immediate solution for your insurance. 
    Calculate your premium directly here and activate your cover!
  • Sailing and Yachting Vessels
    Either from a safe harbor or from open water: Please contact us for a personal service and quote!

  • Real Estate
    We would love to take care of your real estate and household insurance. Similar to all of our other packages, we offer you a tailor made solution so please contact us for more details.

Musicians and Orchestras

Stradivario - Insure as you play!

  • Orchestras
    We are specialized on the insurance of whole orchestras.
    With our team of international experts we are happy to provide valuations and offer meetings to discuss your specific needs and concerns. Together, we can compose an insurance solution which will cover all worldwide contingencies.
    So all of your musical instruments are automatically protected; during international tours, concerts abroad, as well as during transport overseas and you even don’t have to advice us of your itinerary beforehand!
  • Musicians
    We have many years of experience successfully providing insurance solutions for high value instruments and offering pioneering work in the field of musical instrument insurance thanks to our expert team. 
All of our insurances policies include worldwide cover; all transports, concert travels as well as rehearsals etc.
    The insurance cover is valid as you as you like, it can be cancelled monthly without any further costs. Calculate your premium here!
  • Dealers and Experts
    Due to our innovative approach we can offer unique products to dealers and music experts.
    The products are designed and tailor made to your specific needs. 

    Therefore the insurance can automatically cover you worldwide. Specific plans also incorporate stays at third parties and transports and shippings of your valuables automatically.
  • Donors and Lenders
    We offer insurance solutions for single instruments or collections. All insurance products are tailor made.
    Insurance can be taken out either by the lender or the loaner.
    There are no retention periods, so the insurance cover can be adjusted to suit your touring schedule etc.

Digital Insurance Policy

We offer digital policies. Always available and tailor made.

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