Stradivario is a musical insurance service by Segurio.

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International Insurance for musicians.

Worldwide cover for single instruments or collections also during concert travels and on holiday.

  • price
    Try our premium calculator to learn your insurance premium.
    Our premium is already including all taxes and is paid monthly.
  • duration
    Your insurance is running on a monthly basis and renews automatically.
    After the first full month, the insurance can be cancelled.
    There are no additional costs.
  • handling
    After successful payment your insurance is instantly active and provides worldwide cover.
    In your user account you can then always look up your insurance, upload documents or invoices.

What is all-risk insurance?

Everything that is not explicitly ruled out is insured. 

  • worldwide cover
    The insurance covers your favourite items against all risks on a worldwide basis.
    For example your watch is also insured during holidays and travel.
  • zero-deductible
    Each claim (complete loss or partial loss like a repair) will be paid fully. There are no additional costs for you.
  • no hidden clauses
    An all-risk-cover insures everything unless it is explicitly excluded. Apart from that there is no small print.
    The insurance conditions differ depending on the product category. Hence the insurance conditions of a watch insurance are different to the conditions of a musical instrument insurance.
    To learn about the applicable insurance conditions please select a product category in our premium calculator, fill in the value and click “continue”. On the upper right corner you will then find the applicable insurance conditions.

Acitvate your musical instrument insurance directly online.

Immediate insurance cover and no cancellation period.

  • cancellation
    At the end of the first full month the insurance can be canceled each month.
    There are no additional costs after the cancellation.
    Example: Insurance taken out mid May, cancellation valid with end of June.
  • payment
    The insurance premium is deducted monthly from either credit card or Sepa direct debit.
  • personal account
    You can activate your insurance in your personal „My Segurio“ account.
    All the insured objects are saved in this account and you can download the insurance documents and invoices.
  • claim
    You can file a claim in your „My Segurio“ account. Simply select the item in „My Segurio“ and provide all required information and documents such as a police report in case of a theft. Your claim will be evaluated and handled immediately and paid accordingly.

Clients profile 

Insure directly with Stradivario. 

  • Professional and Privat Musician
    For professionals or students. You can activate your insurance in you personal „My Segurio“ account.
    In this account you can review all your insured items as well as download insurance documents and invoices.
  • Orchestra
    With its musical instrument insurance 'Stradivario' offers a very good insurance solutions for orchestras.
    All insurance contracts are automatically covering worldwide risks as well as all travels such as international travels.
  • Lender
The insurance product 'Stradivario' is perfect for lenders, such as Foundations or Private Individuals. The lender can decide who should be the insurered and who should pay for the premium. Additionally the musical instrument insurance 'Stradivario' is very flexibly for loan instruments because of the monthly cancellation, monthly payment and easy handling.
  • Collector and Enthusiast
    'Stradivario' offers insurance for smaller and larger collections. In case your collection expands the EUR 500.000 in our calculator please contact us. Surely we are going to find a very good solution!
  • Student and Beginner
The insurance product 'Stradivario' is perfect for pupils and students.
    Especially the flexible terms such as the monthly cancellation are great for a beginner.
    Instruments which are on loan or are given to test-play can quickly be insured with 'Stradivario'.
  • Dealer and Auction House
The insurance product 'Stradivario' is perfect for dealers and auction houses because 'Stradivario' offers individual solutions.
    From experience we know that a musical instument insurance for dealers is a little bit more complex than an insurance for a private individual.
    Please contact us for an offer. We are confident that we will present you with a very good solution and competative premium.

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If you want to start a policy, you can activate it here yourself online within just a few minutes and it immediately becomes active. 
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