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    All Risik - best protection for your Rolex 

    What does all risk for classical watches mean?

    'All Risk' states that everything is insured except named exclusions. Exclusions are for example intent and gross negligence, atomic events or civil war. In contrast to this structure a conventional insurance contract only states everything that actually IS insured. Segurio developed this old school contract designs and starts from an all risk cover and only names what is not included.

    All risk coverage by Segurio is the most extensive and complete cover on the market.

    Client satisfaction

    The satisfaction of our clients are most important to us.

    Our competent and up-to-date insurance service protects your watches perfectly so you can enjoy worldwide insurance cover. For us it does not matter if you insure a valuable single watch or a larger watch collection. Every insurance contract with Segruio works on an individual basis in coordination with the client.

    If there are any questions we are very happy to assist personally. Our team provides many years of professional experience and is loooking forward to assisting you.

    Our highlights for your luxury experience 

    • immediate cover and protection 
    • worldwide cover and global wearing risk
    • insured at an agreed value (increase of value)
    • monthly payment with credit card
    • monthly cancellation
    • quick and reliable service 

    Are you unsure for which value you would like to insure your watch?
    We are happy to assist the valuation.
    Kindly send us an email. 



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