About Segurio

Who is Segurio?
Segurio is a family business and was founded by Nina Gscheider and Franz Ihm in Vienna in 2018. Both have worked in the insurance industry for many years and believe in the digital all-risk insurance solution offered Segurio.  
It is our goal to offer simple and flexible insurance. Now, Segurio's service is available in 16 European countries and we still keep growing. 

What are the advantages? 

   You activate your insurance directly online 
   You only insure the most important things, the things you really need insured
   You manage everything in your MySegurio client account 
   You pay comfortable monthly instalments  
   You can terminate with one month's notice
   You have all-risk cover with no deductible in case of a claim
   You insure at an agreed value without any time sensitive value reductions
How does it work?
Use our premium calculator and put in the value. Next, describe your object and upload all necessary documents. Afterwards you will be asked to complete the from adding your personal information and your first monthly payment. Now, your insurance is activated. In your MySegurio account you can now insure further objects or take them out of cover.

Calculate your premium now and start cover in 3 minutes!

What’s different in practice?
With Segurio, there are no long-term commitment periods or complicated paper applications. A new and – compared with conventional insurance providers – more cooperative feature is the fact that Segurio never tries to wriggle out of paying. We activly want a solution and we want your claim to be settled as quickly as possible. This is why Segurio offers the shortest routes available. As a platform for all-risk insurance solutions directly on your computer or smartphone.

Can we be more precise?
Of course. We take your need for insurance very seriously, but offer this security without pages and pages of gobbledygook. We work with very big and competent insurers such as Ergo Deutschland AG and HDI Global Specialty SE. With plausible, easily comprehensible contracts and up-to-date conditions.

Can take out insurance online?
Segurio is a family business and runs a company headquarter not someplace tropic and far away, but in Vienna, Austria. We founded Segurio because we believe that taking out insurance online will be a business standard soon. For us this is a logical consequence of digital transformation which has already changed many other businesses: We buy many of our favorite objects online, bid on art online, use banking software – why shouldn’t the same principle apply to insurance? See what we mean? The "problem in our head" is simply that, for decades, there didn’t seem to be any alternative to the conventional insurance business. This we aim to change (favorite) piece by piece with our clients.

Calculate your premium here and start with Segurio! 

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