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„Not all treasure is silver and gold.” (Jack Sparrow / Pirates of the Caribbean).

Furthermore there are favorite pieces, that have special value to their owners. To protect them, insurtech company SEGURIO offers insurance à la Zeitgeist: insurable online, individually shapeable, flexibly used.

A piece of art, a luxury tote bag, grandma’s heirloom, an outstanding designer piece, a musical instrument – SEGURIO secures things of the heart exclusively. Without hidden clauses, without deductibles and with monthly cancellation possibility. While conventional home contents insurance often only partially covers risks and damage, SEGURIO offers an all-risk coverage. One’s personal treasure is not only insured against theft or damage, it is also covered in the event of unintentional personal negligence. And because insurance cover is available worldwide, Birkin bag, Rolex & Co. don’t have to stay at home, but can travel and even move overseas with us.

Safety first! The insurance contract can be concluded on All you have to do is upload a picture of the respective treasure and add the invoice or a certificate to determine its value. All processes, from registration to claims processing, are fully digitalized. It’s simple, fast and paperless. If several objects are insured, one can benefit from lower premiums. All favorites are neatly arranged in SEGURIO, comparable to the shopping cart in an online store. Customers can remove or add objects at any time with one click.

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Segurio in a nutshell:

The concept of this individually tailored online insurance features the following:

  • all-risk insurance within a few clicks
  • worldwide insurance coverage
  • monthly billing
  • monthly cancellation
  • fair prices

SEGURIO was founded by Franz Ihm and Nina Gscheider. Both of them have been involved in high-risk-management for many years and have gained valuable insight: complicated contract structures, long binding periods and lengthy claims settlements are no longer suitable. Thus, they have developed a modern insurance concept with little bureaucracy and lots of performance – digital and customized.

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Sweet Communication
Carolin Sengmüller
Kolosseumstraße 1a
80469 Munich
+49 89 450 290 -13

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