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monthly payment and cancellation

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Watch insurance at a glance: 

  • All Riko Insurance for watches
  • worldwide cover 
  • watch insured at an agreed value
  • monthly payment and cancellation
  • no hidden clauses

With Segurio you can insure your watch and manage the insurance yourself.

Segurio`s watch insurance offers:

    • All Riko Insurance for your watch 
    • worldwide cover of your watch also on travels
    • damage, theft and loss by own fault is insured 
    • monthly payment and cancellation of watch insurance

    If there are any questions we are happy to help!

      The makers of Segurio are already working with international watch-clients, such as jewelers, watch dealers, vintage (and second hand) plattforms and of course lovers of timeless, classic and beautiful watch design.

      At Segurio you can activate your watch insurance yourself. 

      The insurance for the watch is valid within the minute and offers worldwide protection. 

      Watch insurance at Segurio:

      The watch insurance at Segurio is active within the minute. Immediately you can travel internationally, transport the watch and obviously also wear and enjoy it. 

      To activate the insurance, please :

      • put down the value 
      • fill in the information 
      • upload a photo
      • make the payment

      Afterwards you will receive your insurance contract via email. 

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