What is Segurio?
Segurio is a platform for insurance. On Segurio, insurance policies can be concluded, managed and terminated online by the user.

What kind of insurance policies are available?
An all-risk insurance policy is provided for special items, favourite objects and collections.

What is insured?
Segurio insures all risks. This means that everything is insured that is not explicitly excluded.
The insurance policy covers damage, including self-caused damage, theft, fire, water, storm, vandalism and lots more; everything, in fact, that is not explicitly excluded in the terms and conditions. You can see all of the terms and conditions for the respective product at My Segurio.

What is all-risk insurance?
All-risk means all risks. This means that an all-risk insurance policy covers everything that is not explicitly excluded in the terms and conditions. You can see all of the terms and conditions for the respective product at My Segurio.

What is excluded in an all-risk insurance policy?
The main thing: everything that is not explicitly listed as excluded is insured. There are no hidden clauses.
In general, the careful and appropriate treatment of the insured items by the policy holder is a precondition.
Not included are issues such as natural ageing or deliberate damage by the policy holder.
There are also insurance cover exclusions in cases of war, nuclear events and state expropriation.
You can see all of the terms and conditions for the respective product at My Segurio.

How can I take out an insurance policy?
You can take out an insurance policy directly on the Segurio platform.
As soon as all of your data has been registered and the insurance premium has been paid, the user receives a confirmation e-mail from Segurio. This is generated automatically when the payment is received, and the insurance cover is immediately active.

How can I take out an additional insurance policy?
You can take out an insurance policy here in My Segurio.

How and when can I terminate my insurance policy with Segurio?
You can terminate an insurance policy on a monthly basis directly in My Segurio. The policy runs until the end of the month and then the insurance expires. There are no further costs or obligations.

When does my policy become effective?
The insurance policy is immediately active once the premium has been paid. You receive an e-mail from Segurio to confirm that the payment has been received and the policy is activated. At the same time, your effective policy is shown in My Segurio.

How do I know that the payment process has been successful?
You receive an e-mail from Segurio to confirm that the payment has been received and the policy is activated. At the same time it is also shown in My Segurio as an effective policy.

What are the advantages of an insurance policy with Segurio?
 - The insurance provided by Segurio is an all-risk insurance and guarantees comprehensive cover.
 - The insurance policy is immediately active once concluded and provides worldwide cover.
 - You can take out the policy for selected items, things that are truly important to you.
 - You can manage the insurance policy from Segurio yourself online.
 - You can terminate the insurance policy from Segurio on a monthly basis without stating any reasons.
 -  Payment is made monthly by SEPA direct debit or credit card.
 -  In the event of an insurance claim, settlement is fast and uncomplicated.

What is a policy?
A policy is an insurance contract and thus confirmation of the insurance cover. Important information such as the insured item and data pertaining to the policy holder and the insurer are stated in the policy. When the insurance contract is concluded, you can look at your policy online and download and print it out as a PDF.

Can I insure individual items?
Individual items can be insured on an all-risk basis with Segurio. You can take out the insurance policy here.

What insurance law applies?
The policy is subject to the law of the country where you (as policy holder) have registered your domicile in My Segurio.
This means: for a policy in Germany, German law applies, for a policy in Austria, Austrian law applies, in Switzerland Swiss law, etc.

What is an underwriter?
An underwriter is the person in an insurance company who decides whether a risk, i.e. an insurance policy, will be entered into or not.
As it is naturally not possible for one person to check a large number of policies before concluding each one of them, underwriters draw up certain standards that then serve as the framework for many policies.

Who is the insurance company in the background?
There are several insurance companies in the background. Depending on the country and the product, various insurers are involved. Segurio only works with the best and biggest insurers. In particular, Segurio also chooses insurers directly from Lloyd's of London, the world's largest insurance market and for example already works with Ergo and Liberty.

What is the Lloyd’s reinsurance market?
The Lloyd’s reinsurance market is the largest amalgamation of the most successful insurers in the world. Several insurers get together within Lloyd’s to share a risk. This means that even very high risks can be insured and smaller risks at a very fair (and market-oriented) price.
Click here to go to the Lloyd’s website: https://www.lloyds.com/about-lloyds

How can I pay for the insurance with Segurio?
Segurio accepts payment by credit card or Sepa.

What about security?
The security of your data has utmost priority with Segurio.
Your data is encrypted by digital security systems and sent to us. Our website is protected against unauthorized access by technical measures. We also protect the transmission of your data with the SSL (Secure Locket Layer) system so that no confidential account or credit card information can be sent to third parties.

How can I set up a customer account?
To set up a customer account, please click here.

How can I change the personal data in the customer account?
The data for the respective customer account can be changed directly in My Segurio.

Can I take out an insurance policy without using a customer account?
It is not possible to take out an insurance policy without a clearly assigned customer account. Information such as name, personal data and payment details have to be individually registered in the customer account.

When are the stated payment systems debited?
The payment systems are debited on a monthly basis. The policies are extended automatically by a month unless notice of termination has been given.

How long does the insurance cover apply?
The insurance cover applies as long as the user has not actively cancelled the policy and the monthly premium has been paid. The policies are extended automatically by a month unless notice of termination has been given.

How is the premium for an item calculated?
The premium depends on the type and value of the item. The premium rates are specified by the insurer, and correspond to the current market rates. The prices are fair, and no standard insurer gets a "cut".

What happens to an item in the case of a write-off?
In the case of a write-off, the item becomes the property of the insurer. The customer receives the full monetary value of the item. The customer has to send the item to the insurer. When it receives the item, the payment is made.

What happens in the case of damage?
In this case the insurer pays for the repair of the object.

Who decides whether an item can be repaired/restored or whether a total write-off has to be assumed?
The customer makes an estimate of this, which is examined by Segurio and, in the ideal case, immediately confirmed.

What happens if my address changes (e.g. relocation)?
In this case the user has to change his address data in My Segurio.
If the policy holder moves to a different country, he can also report this in My Segurio. In this case Segurio changes the country because several other factors such as licensing and insurance tax have to be examined.

What happens if I have several domiciles?
The user has to state a certain address in My Segurio. The insurance cover for the individual insured items applies worldwide, which means that they are also covered at different domiciles.

What is the insurance tax?
The insurance tax is determined by each country. It is calculated depending on the domicile of the policy holder and deducted accordingly by Segurio.

What do I have to bear in mind when taking out an insurance policy?
All of the necessary data must be truthful. Insurance fraud will be prosecuted.

What can I do if I forget my access data?
In the login window for My Segurio there is a "reset password" button.

In accordance with the data protection regulations, I want all my personal data to be erased immediately – who do I contact?
You can address any questions or applications regarding the erasure of data to our data protection officer: dataprotection@segurio.com

The debit on my credit card does not correspond to the information in My Segurio.
Please contact us directly at service@segurio.com with the information about the account and a copy (e.g. scan) of the credit card account statement.

I no longer have one of my insured items. What do I have to do to terminate the insurance?
You can terminate the insurance easily and without giving reasons at My Segurio, either for individual items or for the whole policy.

What does minimum premium mean?
The minimum premium has to be paid as the minimum share of the risk by the customer as otherwise the insurer would not take in enough in premiums to cover the risk. It can happen that several items are insured at the minimum premium and that the premium only rises when a further item is added. In general: the higher the insured total value, the more favourable the percentage of the overall premium.

The value of an insured item (e.g. a work of art) has changed substantially in recent years. Do I have to adjust the policy?
It is not absolutely necessary, but you can adjust the policy. The insurance products in My Segurio provide cover at an agreed value, i.e. you can also insure heirlooms and adjust the insurance to take account of rising values, e.g. for works of art, after some time. If a work of art, for example, has doubled its value over a few years, then you can also double the sum insured.

Who establishes the value of my heirloom or work of art?
You establish a reasonable value and pay the appropriate premium for this. You can, of course, also contact us about the valuation and we will be glad to help.

I already have a household content insurance. Does it still make sense to insure items with Segurio?
It is certainly a good idea to insure individual items, because especially works of art or pieces of jewellery, but also handbags, expensive bicycles etc. are not explicitly insured in a normal house contents insurance, and usually not at the full value.
Segurio also provides worldwide insurance cover, so it applies outside of the house as well. There is hardly any house contents insurance that provides full cover for this.

How can I contact Segurio?
You can contact us by e-mail or during office hours by telephone.

What is Segurio's address?
Segurio has its main office in Austria. You can find the exact details in the imprint.

Why does Segurio exist?
The motivations behind Segurio are set out in the section About Segurio.

Who is behind Segurio?
See About Segurio.

Can Segurio help me to terminate an old insurance policy with another insurer?
We will be happy to help and advise you when changing insurance company. Just send us a scan of your current insurance policy to service@segurio.com.
Does Segurio also provide insurance when I am travelling?
Yes, Segurio insures worldwide at the same all-risk conditions. Whether you are at home, on a business trip or on holiday has no effect on the insurance cover.

I have an idea for Segurio. Who should I contact?
We welcome your feedback! Feel free to contact us any time at service@segurio.com. During office hours you can also call us at the telephone number given in the footer.

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