Insure as you feel

Insurance is the dinosaur of the services sector. Let's leave the Stone Age behind and rethink how we do insurance.

Insure your favourite items individually – right online.
We all have our favourite items we would really like to have insured. Whether it's a skateboard, handbag, watch, family heirloom, musical instrument or work of art – our favourite items are as individual as we ourselves. Up to now, however, it was not possible to insure them individually. A conventional house contents insurance usually only covers some of the items, but generally not for theft outside the house, damage or simple loss.
Segurio has all that covered! With Segurio, the client takes out his/her individual insurance policy directly online. Fast, simple, manageable.
At a glance:

  • take out a policy with just a few clicks
  • worldwide insurance cover
  • monthly account
  • monthly right of termination
  • reasonable prices directly from the reinsurance market
  • all-risk cover

    This is how it works:Upload a photograph of the favourite item, determine the value, and insure immediately. The insurance cover is effective within a minute. Experience combined with digital know-how:
    The time has come for a revolutionary new beginning in insurance. The makers of Segurio have been working in the area of "high-risk management" worldwide for many years, and have recognized that long commitment periods, complicated policy structures, and difficult and often lengthy claim settlement have no place in the modern world. Other sectors such as car hire, hotels, flights and online banking have long ago arrived in the digital age.
    But now there's Segurio – an individual, tailor-made online insurance solution. 

At the end of the day, insurance is a simple matter. The Segurio platform is as radical as change should be.
All-risk insurance and full online availability are now directly available on the market for the consumer. Segurio works with traditional insurance providers such as Ergo or Uniqa. and soon also in app stores for iOS and Android.
Segurio can be found on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.
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