About Segurio

Segurio – the online insurance solution that’s high on performance and low on bureaucracy

The days are long gone when taking out an insurance policy was nearly as complicated as getting married. At last, an insurance company without gobbledygook. At last, Segurio – a kind of revolutionary in the insurance business.
Your advantages at a glance:

 - Your insurance policy is in your own hands: you conclude the policy and manage everything.
 - You only insure the most important things, the things you really need insured.
 - You benefit from simple structures and sensationally uncomplicated handling.
 - You pay fair prices.
 - You pay in comfortable monthly instalments by credit card or Sepa.
 - You can terminate with one month's notice.

What’s different in practice?
With Segurio, there are no long-term commitment periods or complicated paper applications. A new and – compared with conventional insurance providers – more cooperative feature is the fact that Segurio never tries to wriggle out of paying. We want a solution and we want your claim to be settled as quickly as possible, without unnecessary bureaucracy. This is why Segurio offers the shortest routes available, both technically (online) and structurally. As a platform for all-risk insurance solutions directly on your computer or smartphone.

Can we be more precise?
Of course. We take your need for security very seriously, but offer this security without pages and pages of gobbledygook. We work with very big and competent insurers. With plausible, easily comprehensible contracts and magnificently up-to-date conditions.

Segurio's background?
Competence at Segurio is no accident, but rather the result of long years of work and experience in the insurance business on the part of every individual member of the team. The reason we decided to do things differently was the huge frustration of working with complicated processes in the major companies. We believe there's no reason why insurance can't be simple.

Segurio creates their own insurance products and constellations that are available nowhere else, as well as often surprisingly low prices. Segurio also keeps an eye on the markets, and actively tries to shape better insurance terms and conditions. And when we say better, we mean better for you! The aim is simple and user-friendly navigation, because the innovative route via smartphone saves a whole lot of time and bureaucracy without making any compromises in terms of security and data protection. Here you can find our General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR.

What is insured?
All the objects listed in your account and for which you are paying a premium. No more, no less. The insurance policy is active immediately on conclusion of the payment, and runs until you decide to terminate. Hidden objects ("Oh, there was also a gold watch in the stolen handbag.") are explicitly not insured if they are not mentioned in your My Segurio account.

Can I trust an online insurance company?
Unconditionally. It is ultimately a tribute to our times and our technical advancements that we can use the status quo in highly intelligent software in the area of insurance as well. We rent houses online, purchase cars on the internet, etc. – why shouldn’t the same principle apply to insurance? See what we mean? The "problem in our head" is simply that, for decades, there didn’t seem to be any alternative to the conventional insurance business. Back to the question: Segurio takes security issues very seriously. 

What does the legislator say?
The insurance policy is subject to the law applicable in the country of the policy holder. The information and complaints agencies for the policy can be found in the customer account. If you have any questions, just ask: although Segurio is an online provider, it is not an anonymous phantom. This also applies, by the way, in the case of unusual or highly specialized insurance policies.
We will be happy to advise you any time to help you develop a tailor-made solution.

Calculate your premium here and start with Segurio! 

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